One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling as though you’re missing out on life. Those who experience frequent heart failure may feel like this as they are easier to fatigue and experience swelling in various areas of their body. While there are various heart failure medications on the market, patients can build up a high tolerance to them over time. Due to this, devices such as the Cardiac Contractility Modulation device have been created to help prevent heart failure symptoms over a longer period of time. 

What is Cardiac Contractility Modulation? 

Cardiac Contractility Modulation, also known as CCM, is a heart failure device that assists in helping the heart contract properly. This device allows more oxygen-rich blood to be pumped and circulated throughout the body. There are other devices that assist in correcting the heart’s rhythm, such as pacemakers, but they neglect to make the heart pump oxygen-rich blood to the body like the CCM does. 

What Are The Benefits of a CCM?

With so many different heart failure medications and devices on the market, CCM still stands out for those who are experiencing intense or severe heart failure symptoms. There are many reasons why someone may choose to opt-in for CCM treatment instead of traditional treatment. Some of the benefits associated with CCM treatment include:

  • It is all-inclusive-

    Instead of choosing a pacemaker that only corrects the heart’s electrical activity, and instead of taking medications that can lose their effectiveness in managing their symptoms, a CCM can do it all. Not only does it help manage symptoms and correct your heart’s contractions, but it also tells your heart to pump more blood throughout your body to relieve swelling and any other symptoms that may render you immobile. 

  • It lets you live comfortably again-

    With its complete management of your symptoms and your heart’s physical health, you are free to live in a more comfortable and liberating way. You won’t have to miss out on events due to your heart failure symptoms and you will be able to enjoy activities you previously loved to do with your loved ones. With a CCM device, you won’t have to miss out on living your life any longer. 

Many people have found comfort in their lives after receiving their CCM device. If you are wondering whether this treatment is right for you, be sure to contact your physician or cardiologist to see if this device can better help you manage your heart failure symptoms. 

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