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Welcome to Virginia Arrhythmia Consultants

The only medical practice in Central Virginia devoted entirely to management of heart rhythm disorders.

Our goal is to provide compassionate, state of the art and high quality care to patients with cardiac arrhythmias.  With latest advances in cardiac electrophysiology, essentially all heart rhythm disorders are amenable to treatment and many are permanently cured.  Our highly experienced physicians utilize the latest tools and techniques and have performed hundreds of ablations and device surgeries to improve our patients’ quality of life and extend their life expectancy.

Our mission statement is “Providing excellence in arrhythmia treatment with the highest quality and safety, through expert knowledge, state of the art treatments, and individualized care.”

Our professional staff aim to provide the same service to our patients as we would want for our family members.  Your heart is in skilled hands.


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"I have an ICD in my chest and an ablation both done by Dr. Shah -- he has the bed side manner that ALL doctors should strive for...his quiet confidence in turn makes a patient feel ultra confident...the ablation he performed after my open heart surgery was a true game changer for me...Thank You Dr. Shah."

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"Dr. Shah exhibits confidence and professionalism that is very assuring. Then when it came time for my procedure, he did an excellent job where other doctors had failed before. I highly recommend him."

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"Dr. Mohanty is an excellent doctor. He takes the time to make sure his patients are well informed of there situation and any procedures they might go through. He explains in terms that he/she can understand."

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"My husband has used Dr. Mohanty for the past several years for AFib and has been very satisfied with the results after ablations. Dr, Mohanty is a very compassionate Dr. listens to concerns and provides suggestions for heart related issues. We recommend Dr. Mohanty to our friends who have AFib issues."

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