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May 4, 2020 

Dear Patient: 

As you may know, Governor Northam has lifted restrictions for elective surgeries and procedures.  At Virginia Arrhythmia Consultants, we value the trust you place in us and want to keep you updated. 

We continue to have open communication with hospital leadership to make certain that our patients and community remain safe as we ease restrictions, and as we restart elective procedures, including pacemaker and defibrillator implants, and ablations for arrhythmias such as AFib. 

What to expect at your office appointment: 

  • VAC was quick to adapt CDC recommendations on office visits and transition patients to telehealth visits.  As we get ready to transition back to seeing more patients in office we will continue to maintain quick check in process and transition to exam room.   
  • We will ask you to maintain distancing in the waiting rooms, if needed. 
  • Ask you to bring your own mask or get a mask at check-in. 
  • We will continue to maintain high cleaning standards of all our rooms and equipment. 
  • We would like to ask you to minimize number of family members that accompany you at your visit to one person. 

What to expect at the hospital: 

  • First and most importantly, if you are having an emergency, it is safe and essential that you go to the emergency room.  Hospitals have prepared for management of COVID-19 positive patients and have protocols and testing in place to maintain safety of all patients needing hospital care. 
  • If you are scheduled for an elective surgery: 
    • You may be tested for COVID-19 prior to your procedure.  This is an effort to minimize asymptomatic community spread of COVID-19 and to protect other patients and staff. 
    • You will have limitation for number of visitors (this will vary depending on each hospital). 

As the current COVID-19 situation evolves, we will stay in communication with you as receive more information. 

Dear Patients,

Virginia Arrhythmia Consultants is committed to the health and welfare of our patient. Please be assured that our physicians and our staff are taking every precaution to make our office environments safe and sanitary. Our high traffic points are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with care of the highest excellence and safety, including seeing you for your scheduled appointments, as well as your scheduled procedures.

We are continually monitoring the risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in our community and will keep you updated as things change. For more information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) UPDATE click here.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Information for Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions Including Chronic Heart Disease CLICK HERE.